Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a Pay Per Click (PPC) model of advertising where you effectively bid at an auction against other advertisers to be placed on the top of search engine results. All search engines offer this pay per click model.

Investing in a search engine marketing campaign is proven to generate not just traffic to your websites but also sales. The benefits of search engine marketing are that any business can get on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing immediately. Depending on the daily budget you set, your customers can find you at any time of the day or night.

SEM is constantly evolving and a dynamic market place and keeping one running effectively means keeping up to date with all the latest techniques and processes, as well as competition. Google, Yahoo & Bing make changes to their software all the time and competitors enter the market at an exponential rate so maintaining your SEM campaign is a must for all advertisers.

A business needs to understand how to structure a SEM campaign correctly and interpret the data it receives back in order to make informed decision about where to go next with their advertising. MAD offers both set-up and training in the major SEM platforms.

Search Engine Marketing Platforms

Google AdWords


Google_Adwords_MADSolutionsGoogle AdWords is the premier form of search engine advertising. Google accounts for more than 90% of the search engine market share in Australia. This would be your first choice to step into the world of pay per click advertising

Yahoo & Bing


Yahoo & Bing offer search engine marketing through the one platform. As the market share for Yahoo & Bing is smaller the cost per click can be drastically less than Google due to less competition, but still yield strong results in driving leads and sales.


Keyword Research


Competitor Analysis


Consumer Insights
& Trends


Conversion Tracking


Return On Investment